Long Hairstyles for Women

by Devin on February 26, 2014 1 Comment

Long hairstyles have always been one of the most popular hairstyles amongst women. You will find that there are tons of fun hairstyles for individuals who have long hair.  For those who have spent the agonizing time grooming their hair, spending their time and energy making sure that they can keep growing out their hair, even through all of those awkward stages, you will soon come to see what all of that time and effort has done for your tresses.  It is very hard to take care of long hair, especially compared to short hair, but it will typically pay off. Once you have your hair to the length that you desire you will be able to experience your long and luxurious tresses blowing in the breeze and from then on you will be happy you held out for so long.  In this article I will discuss some of the most popular long hairstyles for women that will have you excited to do your hair and see what you can pull off.

One of the most popular long hairstyles for women is the layered hairstyle. The layered look is extremely popular and it will give you a very beautiful and unique haircut. Typically when a stylist gives a girl’s hair a layered look they will use a special razor that will create uneven ends that will allow you to frame your face in some of the most flattering looks you will find. Layers will add a depth to your hair as well as give your hair a real, specific shape that is really important to have. What is fun about layered hairstyles is that you can or cannot put product in your hair and it will still look absolutely great. 

Curly Hairstyles

For girls with naturally curly hair or even for those with straight hair, you will find that longer hair is a great way to showcase these loose and romantic curls.  Curly or wavy hairstyles will add different texture, depth and volume to a girl’s hair that is eye catching along with being fun. Curls can help to create a beautiful look to any women’s hair that is hard to do without curls. For girls who have straight hair, I suggest playing around with different sized curlers to see what look suits you best.  You will find that your hair will have instant volume, shape and a life of its own!

Braided Hairstyles

Braids are a great long hairstyle for women. Braids are a great way to add a whole other look and feel to a long hairstyle.  Braids can add a classic look or a very regal and romantic look, depending on which route you decide to go with. You will find that there are tons of great braids that you can do in your hair that will have you look great no matter what you are doing.  One of the best braided looks is the braided head band. This is a great and very bohemian style that you see all over some of Hollywood's biggest stars. Another great braid is the messy lose braid. The messy lose braid is known for being fun, flirtatious and the best part, low maintenance. Most of the girls like brown hair with highlights. There are tons of great braided hairstyles that look fabulous no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Shoulder Length Haircuts

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A Guide To Shoulder Length Haircuts That Complement Your Features It can be tricky to decide what shoulder length haircuts should look like, as they present fewer options than longer or intermediate-sized hair. However, the truth is that knowing exactly what you aim for and the ability to explain it to your hairstylist can help you achieve the best possible aspect of your visage. However, in shoulder length haircuts the key to success hinges on accounting for the shape of your face and the peculiarities and emphasizing them in a positive light, as you are about to find out throughout this guide.

One of the wrong steps that people tend to take in selecting their medium haircuts is assuming that if a certain style works for a celebrity, it will definitely be fit for them as well. However, while this guide does not advocate completely steering clear of shoulder length haircuts that can be seen in fashion magazine, we would like to point out that not all of them will be able to integrate equally well with the rest of the facial features in your case. Therefore, take the time to analyze your face and take into account the advice of your stylist before you proceed.

Shoulder length haircuts with layers are probably the most popular ones. Instead of having your hair cut in a bulk, consistent shape, choosing layers can help you add volume and augment the texture. This type of hairstyle is generally advisable for people with an oval or a square visage, due to its ability of acting like a frame for the face. The best approach to layered hairstyles resides in having a few medium sized bangs positioned in the cheekbone area and longer ones in the back and the top. On a side note, do not overdo the volume, as it will convey the impression that your hair is shorter than it actually is.

Shoulder Length Haircuts – Alternatives

Alternatively, you could opt for the sleek bob type of shoulder length haircuts. This style relies on the side-swept bangs that end at the level of the chin. It is unadvisable to have them higher than the level of the jaw line because that has a tendency of making your expression look round. Those with curlier hair will have to straighten it using a flat iron and keep it in place with the help of the proper serum. However, the advantage of this hair style is the sleek appearance it can convey.

If you are aiming to attain a formal look with curls and you have straight hair, then you will need to enlist the help of barrel curlers. In essence, if you are doing it yourself, the best way to attain a classical look is with larger, looser curls. Therefore, you will need to place these devices in a uniform manner across the entire scalp. More often than not, a thirty minute session will be sufficient to make your hair curly, but if your hair is perfectly straight it is advisable to use hairspray as well. Granted, even though these are the main types of shoulder length haircuts worn nowadays, there is an immense number of combinations and styles, according to the exact length and texture of your hair, the image you are aiming for and the shape of your face. In addition, some haircuts are more appropriate than other in certain circumstances, so make sure that you choose the right one whenever you have your boss over for dinner and when you go clubbing with your friends. At the same time, if you do not have an extensive hairstyling experience, you should not attempt permanent and radical changes to your hair on your own. I hope this helps you with you Shoulder Length Haircuts.